Maternity and Baby Care

How I Work

The relationship between a newborn and its parents is the most invaluable thing there is. This is why newly-made or soon to be fathers and mothers always want the best for their baby.

What however, if they don't always know what is best for their child? That's where my work begins. Together we will settle all open questions and prepare you thoroughly. For the first months of a parenthood should be the most beautiful - even when they're not always the easiest.



Before the offspring even sees the light of day, there is much to do. I'll gladly help you with this.

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From the hospital home and then? The beginning of parenthood can be complicated ... but doesn't have to be.

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Courses & Seminars

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Work & Experience

2013 - 2017
Lecturer and Manager Nanny Academy
Emotional First Aid - Consultant i.A. EEH
  • Certification as a Basic Bonding Course Instructor
  • Basic Course for Basal Stimulation attendance at a palliative seminar
  • Attendance at the Seminar for Integrative and Systematic Family Therapy
seit 2013
Maternity Nurse and Nursemaid for a business household in Munich
Certification for Butterfly Baby Massage by Dr. Eva Reich
2011 – 2013
Maternity Nurse and Nursemaid for an industrial household in Düsseldorf
2010 – 2011
Nanny for a diplomatic family in Vienna
Maternity Nurse for an industrial family in Vienna and Italy (Twins)
2009 – 2010
Infant Carer at the Infant Emergency Ward in Wilhelminenspital in Vienna
2007 – 2009
Mobile Infant Carer at the Moki Association in Vienna
2006 – 2009
Infant Carer at St. Anna Children's Hospital in the Stem Cell Transplantation Station as well as the Internal Infant Station in Vienna
2005 – 2006
Infant Carer in the Neuropediatric Oncology at the University Child Clinic in Vienna
  • Gained the Diploma as an Infant Nurse
  • Six months active as a nanny in Sydney/Australia


From the first day I had complete trust in Gina Watermeier and leaving our daughter in her hands during the day. She is a true professional and made a substantial contribution to the upbringing of our one and a half year old daughter. It also explains why her third word after Mama and Papa "Nana" is, which means Gina.
Jürgen Korzer Dipl. Wirtsch.-Ing
To have a certified Infant Nurse, means for me absolute inner calm and assurance to always have somebody in the house that knows what to do should an emergency or problem occur.
Mag. Claudia Arthur-Flatz Senior External Relations Officer, United Nations Vienna
Ultimately, every baby should have a Gina. Irrespective of how much parents work. We have had the privilege to learn a lot from Gina and our daughter experienced immense care, love and gratuity. Gina is an absolute pro in everything that she does - she possesses extensive skills and great know-how - and yet is still someone with great gut feeling and excellent intuition.
Elisabeth Business Household Munich