Every beginning is ... really easy.

In the past we had Grandparents that you could ask with every uncertainty, especially in the first few days and weeks. Unfortunately, nowadays, they rarely live nearby. Fortunately, there's me.

You are never too young for wellness.

I will show you how to treat your newborn with a gentle butterfly massage. This technique was developed especially for babies by Eva Reich and is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the mother-child bond.

Who's going to cry?

Nothing unsettles freshly made parents more than when their offspring will not stop crying. Thereby the reasons are often trivial. Together we will find out what is troubling your baby and make it perfectly happy again.

Good Night! For the whole family.

Good sleep is important, especially for newborns. However, this often depends on factors that you initially don't think of. Thanks to my experience, I know how you can create an environment for recreative sleep - for you baby consequently also for yourself.